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  • Tips to Get an Effortless Make-Up Look Without the Price Tag

    Getting a well-finished face with a clean, clear, natural look is something most people have been trying to do for centuries. Modern make-up makes this quest a lot easier, but expensive products and lots of layers are not necessarily required for the perfect palette. All you need are a few good pieces and you’re finished. Here are a few keys to getting that effortless look without a lot of effort.

    Use A Primer

    Not everyone uses a primer but including one in your routine can reduce the cost of your makeup by up to 80%. Primers assure three things. First, easy application with a flawless, smooth finish. Second, easy removal with regular soap and water, without having to use makeup remover. And third, it keeps your makeup on all day without having to retouch it.

    No one really knows how much makeup they use when touching themselves up throughout the day, but the small increments really add up, even over the course of a single week. Primer removes most of the need for anything extra when using makeup.


    Define Eyebrows, Eyes, and Lips

    You don’t have to have thickly-line anything to get a great face. In fact, you will look more natural if you don’t outline anything in an obvious way. Most people have naturally sparse eyebrows, light eye definition, and lips which are close to their skin color. In all these situations, you simply fill things out a little more, making them a bit more defined.

    A great option is to use micro-blading technology on your eyebrows to fill them out a bit more. Microblading is a specialized cosmetic treatment used to add pigment to superficial layers of the skin. You wouldn’t use it in places where you normally pluck. Instead, this can be applied in places where you are always a bit light. A technician can help find your perfect shade and consult as to how you want your brows to look.

    Use eyeliner which is the same color as your eyes to define them. This gives your eyes depth without looking too bold or too unnatural. Define light blue eyes with light blue, hazel eyes with gray, and dark brown eyes with dark brown. Other colors can be used for eyeshadow, but keep the liner matching your eye color.


    Use a Skin Tone Loose Powder to Top Off Your Look

    Find a loose powder in your natural skin tone. Whatever you do with your makeup, finish off your entire look with loose powder which perfectly matches your skin color. This will “set” the makeup, keeping you from becoming oily or shiny throughout the day, even at the very end of the day. This is the magic formula used by many professional artists to keep makeup dry and clean under hot show and movie lights.


    You don’t have to break the bank for high-quality makeup looks. Simply use these three steps and you’ll look photo-ready even on a tight budget.

  • What Kinds of Emotions Will You Face Coming Out?

    Coming out of the closet is a big step for anyone in the LGBTQIA community. Coming out in the past was something to fear. Society had not yet reached an understanding of how sexuality truly functioned. Now many people are better educated about the fluidity of sexuality and while they may not have a full understanding, have lots of resources to help them. Having support from friends and family definitely makes the process much easier, but it can still be challenging, even with support. Here are a few emotions you may expect while coming out of the closet.


    Coming out of the closet can be scary. Depending on your family and friends, the experience of coming out may be a challenge or it may be surprisingly easy. If you are feeling anxious about coming out, or if you are feeling alone in your situation, seek support from a counselor that is familiar with LGBTQIA issues. They can help make the process much easier on you and your loved ones. What you can expect, no matter the response from others, is that you will feel free and happy knowing that you are being yourself.



    The emotional release experienced after coming out is worth all the anxiety that may be felt beforehand. You will be surprised at the amount of joy you feel from no longer repressing your sexuality around others. Knowing who you are, and openly able to be yourself is true freedom. And with that freedom comes new friendships and relationships that will only bring you more happiness in the end.



    LGBTQIA pride is not about ego. Pride is about not hiding in fear and not being ashamed. And most importantly, it is about accepting yourself and others. Pride is about being visible and belonging to a community. The growth of the LGBTQIA community and the pride that community represents allows others to feel safe and free to come out of the closet. The LGBTQIA community is built around making life better through love, respect, and support.


    Sexuality is a fluid spectrum much like a rainbow. Not everyone is straight and not everyone is gay, sometimes you may find yourself in the middle and that is perfectly acceptable. Times are changing, and minds are opening. People are now freer to happily be themselves. The first step in coming out of the closet is accepting and loving yourself without shame. Be proud of yourself and live with love.

  • How to Use Visual Branding in an Online World

    Visual branding is a key component to any company’s success, whether it is a mega corporation or a new startup. Understanding how to use visual branding in an online world is extremely beneficial when launching ad campaigns and looking to maximize your reach with a specific audience. With today’s flood of images, learn how to stand out in a way that matters with your customers and clients.

    Color Psychology

    Become familiar with color psychology to learn more about how brands implement specific colors to evoke thoughts, emotions, and to encourage specific actions to be taken. Blue is a color that is often used with companies that associate trust, networking, entertainment, and business transactions (think Facebook, Twitter, and even Pandora).

    Brands who want to appeal to a casual audience with a friendly tone are likely to implement the colors yellow and orange into their main branding (McDonald’s, Sunoco Gas, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings). Greens are used primarily for shopping adverts as well as banking instructions, as the color brings out envy, jealous, and resonates with the color of traditional American money. Reds are reserved for sensual and sex-driven advertisements or brands, as the color itself symbolizes love, lust, passion, and excitement. Purples are used to represent courage, loyalty, and royalty.

    The more familiar you become with each color and how it is useful in branding, the easier it is to create and execute successful visual branding and marketing campaigns.


    Remaining Relevant

    Constantly remaining updated with today’s latest trends in modern design, web design, and even mobile design is a must for those interested in visual branding online. Remaining relevant is necessary to prevent visitors and potential customers from becoming bored or disinterested in your brand or business.

    Working together with professional designers and programmers is one way to ensure you are on the right track when developing your next online marketing campaigns or if you are planning to launch a completely new redesign for your official website. Pros will be able to tell you when you lose interest, and can recommend fresh ways to add visual interest to your products or brand.


    Pretty Packaging

    Modern, appealing, and relevant packaging is essential with visual branding, especially when selling products to prospective customers online. Brands such as Nu Skin health and beauty products understand how to incentivize users online to learn more about their brand with beautiful packaging that resonates with their target audience and demographic. Look to industry examples to learn better ways of enticing customers with your exterior packages.


    Having a clear understanding of visual branding and how to use it for your brand is a way to outshine competition while building a positive reputation for yourself in any market. With the right visual branding, expand your reach online even further than the target audience you have in mind.

  • Meet and Greet Essentials for a Good First Impression

    As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s always important to put your best foot forward when meeting new people. Whether you are meeting a potential employer or employee, a first date, or a complete stranger, there are a number of ways to make sure you always make a great first impression. Here are four meet and greet essentials to help you always get off to a good start.

    Appearance Matters

    Too often, people go overboard when it comes to making a good first impression in the appearance department. Making a great first impression isn’t about layering on the makeup, hair products, or jewelry, it’s about having a neat, tidy appearance. Generally, when it comes to making a great first impression, a good rule of thumb is to remember less is more.



    If you look angry, uptight, or unapproachable, you probably won’t have people flocking to meet you. Unfortunately, when some people get nervous, they get tense, which can sometimes make them seem angry. When you are aware you are going to be meeting new people or meeting someone important, relax, take a deep breath and (if you have it) a moment to settle your nerves.



    There is probably nothing more important than appearing friendly and approachable and nothing makes that happen more than a simple smile. You don’t have to plaster on a Julia Roberts 100 Megawatt, or a fake, phony-looking smile, but you should look pleasant and approachable. A few things will help with these. Believe it or not, thinking pleasant thoughts will also give you a pleasant appearance. Since your smile matters so much, having the best smile possible is also important. If you have dark or stained teeth, Montgomery Dental Care suggests getting teeth whitening trays or treatments done when possible.


    Practice Your Handshake

    Many people feel you can tell a lot about a person just from their handshake, so you want to be sure yours has all the right things. The best way to do this is practice. As awkward as it may seem, shake hands with a few people; a few you know, and a few you don’t, and ask for feedback. You may be surprised by what they have to say.


    The need to make a great first impression can happen anytime, anywhere. While you may not always be able to dress appropriately, you can always smile, be approachable, and offer a firm, friendly handshake. Practice the basics, and the rest will take care of itself.